Werkverzeichnis-Nr. 1018


Acrylic Paint

Größe (H x W)

136 x 240 cm



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Uploaded, 20.07.21 (BV)

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Williams Dean

Dean Williams has lived in Switzerland for many years. For him, good art is characterised by its own language - it has to express something that has never been said like that before. Art should make connections clear that were not apparent. As an abstractionist, he is not only interested in the relationship between colour and form, but above all in human emotions that have to be transported.

Transparency, but also spacelessness and timelessness in his work are signs of a consistent orientation towards a goal that is always to be grasped anew. Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad document his dynamic artistic work. In the diffuse, metaphysical light that casts no shadows, the forms of background and foreground intertwined in such a way that the eye gets lost in the abstraction of the movements.

Collections / Excerpt
Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Abu Dahabi - Majlis Gallery, Dubai - Weltbild, Switzerland - Alpiq Energie, Switzerland - Ferrari Gallery, Switzerland - Carlo Amaglio, Italy - Maddy Ibrahim, Canada

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