Werkverzeichnis-Nr. 017


Mixed media on canvas

Größe (H x W)

36 x 31 cm


Galerie Reitz Zürich

EUR 1,500

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Linssen Jupp

Zinc foil, wood, or oxidized iron: materials Jupp Linssen (*1957, Kempen) makes into integral components of his artworks. His affinity for found objects is integrated into texture-focused painting – the aesthetic boundaries between the found and the created purposefully lifted. The layered paint leaves a fissured base, where the materials register not as foreign, but as parts constituting the whole.

Jupp Linssen’s artwork stands as a counterpoint to soulless artifacts of a mass production driven by technical perfection. His pieces mirror what our world of fully intact things is missing – breaks, accidents, and inconsistency that we normally hide or push aside.

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