Bouquet de fleurs


Mixed media on canvas

Größe (H x W)

120 x 100 cm


Galerie Reitz Zürich

EUR 14,400

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Decastro Eric

ERIC DECASTRO, born in Burgundy (F) in 1960, trained as a serigraphist, screen printer and studied painting with Markus Lüpertz at the Kunstakademie Kolbermoor. He works primarily in the field of informal painting and sculpture. In painting, however, the artist pays particular attention to pictorial harmony and relief-like contours, which, depending on the incidence of light, allow for a diverse play of light and shadow. DECASTRO's works draw the viewer into the painting - into a color-poetic cosmos that is deliberately designed to allow the illusion that one is confronted with a landscape or a space photograph. Thematically, his works deal with transience

Excerpt Collections
Deutsche Bank Collection - Bank Sal. Oppenheim Collection - Reinhold Würth Collection Künzelsau, Baden Württenmberg - Eduardo Hochschild collection, Lima, Peru - RE Collection, Wiesbaden - Reinhold Würt Museum, Schwäbisch Hall - Villa Rot, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles

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