Kraißer Susanne

"Sculpture for me is above all form and material, volume and size, space, movement and statics. My thematic focus is the 'female body'. The representation is either in an intimate miniature or in a monumental size - each as a solitaire."

The artist's (* 1977 in Rosenheim) thematic focus is on pointing out and uniting polarities such as lability and strength, fragility and mass, activity and passivity, movement and static, balance and volume as well as dependence and self-sufficiency.

SUSANNE KRAIßER works mainly with bronze, aluminium and wood. "I struggle with the material. It becomes my counterpart whose limits I test and, if necessary, set anew. Behavioural movements that require great body tension are captured without losing their inner dynamism."

Susanne Kraißer's works are in private and public collections in Europe and the USA.

Works in public space / excerpt
Medal, Company Gardens, Senate for Building, Environment and Transport, Bremen - Fountain design elements, City of Belzig
Bronze sculpture sitting girl (longing), Wangerooge - Bronze sculptures "Dance at the abyss", SWB Bremerhaven
Sculpture "Sitting Girl", oak wood, Kulturpark Tutti Kiesi, Rheinfelden near Basel
Sculpture "Sitting girl", oak wood, A + O Worpswede - bronze and cast stone sculptures, Gutspark Klein Glien
Bronze sculpture "Sitting woman", Laubach Castle